Frequently Asked Questions

How many indoor classes may I attend?

Please only sign up in advance for TWO indoor classes per week. Additional classes may be attended, but only if there is available room on the day of that class. This allows everyone a chance to get into in person classes. Classes may be signed up for one week in advance. (On Monday, you can sign up for the following Monday, on Tuesday for the following Tuesday…. etc.) Example: You put through an advance registration for a class on Monday and Thursday. On Wednesday, you check, and there is room in the Wednesday (today’s) class. You may sign up for it, thereby gaining a third class that week. There is no need to cancel your Thursday class – you are only limited to signing up EARLY for TWO classes. Any class that has available room on the day of that class, is free for anyone to sign up.

How many Zoom classes may I attend?

No limit. Attend as many of these classes as you would like.

How many Remote Dojo classes may I do?

You may submit a Remote Dojo video once per day. Use the weekly videos on the website for warms ups and drills. Combine them with your Video Library to learn skills specific for your belt level. You should aim for approximately 30 minutes of karate practice. Take a video of yourself demonstrating 3 skills and upload it to the website. These 3 skills can be from any of the weekly skill videos, or from your Belt Library. The total length of the video you upload should only be long enough for you to demonstrate each of the skills. While you can upload several videos (one skill per video), it is preferable to combine them into one video if possible. Once you have uploaded it to our website, it will be sent to one of our instructors. They will send you back a video with personal feedback on your skills. You will also be awarded a “tip” for class credit.

What about Young Women Warriors, Weapons class, and Demo Team?

Young Women Warriors teaches core curriculum. It DOES count as one of your two advance signups for indoor classes. Weapons class and Demo team do not count as one of your two advance signups. You must be at least a Blue belt to attend Weapons class (Junior age group and above). Demo Team is by invitation only (and also for Black Belts only).