Intent to Promote

The Dojo: Notice of Intent to Promote
  • By submitting this form, the student states that by their promotion date, they intend to have met the following requirements:

    • Amount of time at their current rank (One month for Yellow Belt, 2 months for Orange Through Purple; 3 months going for Blue Belt and Higher)
    • Number of classes (10 for Yellow Belt; 12 for Orange through Purple Belt; 24 for Blue through High Green Belt; 32 going for Brown Belt and subsequent degrees).
    • Proficiency of martial arts skills (Students at Junior Program and older may be tested)
    • Adherence of Martial Arts Values and Principles (Students 18 years and under require parents and academic teacher’s signature; see back).


  • Respect and Self-Discipline are key components of our martial arts education. We expect our students to exhibit these qualities both inside and outside The Dojo. To qualify for promotion, students under the age of 18 are asked to obtain an endorsement from their parents and their academic teacher. We deeply appreciate your participation in this process, and in helping us instill in our students these vital martial arts principles.

    Parents or Guardians:

  • If the student is not meeting these qualifications at home or school, we will withhold promotion until such time that these requirements are met. Furthermore will happily assist in creating an action plan to get this student back on track.

    Please do not hesitate to e-mail or call me with any questions or concerns, at 978-499-8800.



    Shihan Kendall Buhl

    Chief Instructor

    The Dojo, A Tokyo Joe’s Studio, Salisbury