The Dojo Schedule

Here you will find our Dojo class schedule for the next two weeks, taking us (hopefully) through the end of “Phase Two” of the Massachusetts reopening plan. As you will see, we are offering more than 60 classes a week, with a blend of Outdoor, On-Premises (for students younger than 18) and Zoom classes for each of our programs, age groups and experience levels.

This online schedule includes the sign-up links for each of the in-person classes, and log-in links for each of the streaming classes. Classes will become available for signing up one week prior to their start times.

Based on responses to our survey, plus an examination of attendance levels in past Summers, we are pretty confident that everyone will be well-served by what we’ve put together. However, we will be closely watching how this goes, and making any necessary adjustments. Phase Three, of course, will bring yet more changes.


8:30 Adult Kickboxing

9:00 (Cashman) Junior Intermediate

9:45 (Cashman) Advanced Dragon

10:30 (Cashman) Junior Expert

3:00 (Zoom) Junior Intermediate

3:00 (The Dojo) Teen

3:45 (Zoom) Advanced Dragon

3:45 (The Dojo) Dragon

4:30 (Zoom) Junior Expert

4:30 (The Dojo) Junior Advanced

6:00 (Cashman) Teen & Adult Kempo

6:15 (The Dojo Lot) ACT


8:30 (Lion's Park) Teen & Adult Kempo

9:00 (The Dojo) Junior Intermediate

9:00 (Zoom) Dragon

9:45 (The Dojo) Advanced Dragon

9:45 (Zoom) Junior Advanced

10:30 (The Dojo) Junior Expert

11:15 (The Dojo) Teen & Adult Kempo

3:45 (Cashman) Dragon

4:30 (Cashman) Junior Advanced

5:15 (Zoom) Teen & Adult Kempo

7:00 (Cashman) Adult Kickboxing


8:30 (Cashman) Adult Kickboxing

9:00 (Cashman) Dragon

9:45 (Cashman) Junior Advanced

10:30 (Cashman) Teen

3:00 (Zoom) Teen

3:00 (The Dojo) Junior Intermediate

3:30 (Cashman) YWW

3:45 (The Dojo) Advanced Dragon

3:45 (Zoom) Dragon

4:30 (The Dojo) Junior Expert

4:30 (Zoom) Junior Advanced

5:15 (Zoom) Teen & Adult Kempo BB

6:15 (The Dojo) Teen & Adult Kempo


8:00 (The Dojo) Teen & Adult Kempo

9:00 (The Dojo) Dragon

9:45 (The Dojo) Teen

10:30 (The Dojo) Junior Advanced

11:15 (Cashman) Teen & Adult Kempo

2:00 (Zoom) Teen & Adult Kempo

3:00 (Zoom) Dragon

3:00 (Cashman) Junior Intermediate

3:45 (Zoom) Teen

3:45 (Cashman) Advanced Dragon

4:30 (Zoom) Junior Advanced

4:30 (Cashman) Junior Expert

6:00 (Marlboro St.) Adult Kickboxing


9:00 (Cashman) Junior Intermediate

9:00 (Zoom) All Dragons

8:15 (Woodman) Adult Kickboxing

9:15 (Woodman) Teen & Adult Kempo

9:45 (Cashman) Junior Adv / Exp

9:45 (Zoom) Junior Intermediate

10:30 (Cashman) All Dragons

10:30 (Zoom) Junior Adv / Exp